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Jannus Economic Opportunity is a trusted community partner creating lasting socio-economic change. By working across boundaries to acknowledge and advance personal, family and community goals we deliver the Knowledge to Change and the Support to Grow that drives the Confidence to Succeed.

Knowledge to Change

Jannus Economic Opportunity brings the power of knowledge to people so they can better meet their social and economic needs, and understand the impact their finances have on the rest of their lives.

We ensure they are equipped with the financial and life skills to address and overcome their challenges, and serve as a reliable source of tools, training, and financial management techniques.

Support to Grow

Jannus Economic Opportunity serves the whole person by providing a continuum of services and making powerful connections to community resources, social networks, and reputable financial institutions when they are needed.

With proper support in place, individuals with valuable skills and an understanding of personal financial practices are free to achieve. From family stability to dreams of business ownership, Jannus EO helps people create the lives they want to live.


Confidence to Succeed

At Jannus Economic Opportunity, we understand the symbiotic relationship between confidence and independence. We believe that the confidence we help individuals achieve empowers them to seek out and seize new opportunities in life.

The success stories we’ve helped create feature the parallel development of skills and self-esteem. Our vision is that, over time, our clients are enriched, connected and confident enough to succeed on their own and mentor others.

to Change


The old adage “knowledge is power” is an idea we believe in and build upon every day at Jannus Economic Opportunity. By helping motivated individuals access skills-building information, we not only help them increase their knowledge of finance and its impacts, we build their capability for positive change.

As a community development initiative, Jannus Economic Opportunity knows no bounds when it comes to developing human potential. We have no political agenda or jurisdictional constraints. We are free to support the powerful will of individuals with life-altering information and skills.

Using both individual and group learning environments, we teach, train and transform lives through knowledge. The result: these women and men are equipped with missing elements of their social and educational toolkits. And lasting change is possible like never before.

Cultivating Diversity

We build knowledge to create opportunity and level the playing field for individuals who may have lacked the resources or opportunities to learn valuable life skills.


Overcoming Adversity

Jannus EO develops credit and other assets that help people achieve their goals in life, both personally and professionally.

Fostering Independence

We ensure that all individuals, especially those who are underserved or disadvantaged, have equal access to opportunities to better themselves through education.


to Grow


Jannus EO delivers support in many ways, from general assistance to culturally informed programs, all working collaboratively through strategic partnerships and public-private or community-based efforts.

We serve as a powerful connector between individuals and those making it easier to find and secure assets and resources.

Support is the backbone of our mission at Jannus EO. By connecting individuals to an experienced and engaged network of supportive mentors, coaches and role models, we drive collaboration. With proper support in place, these individuals are free to achieve.

As we draw people together in support of their neighbors and new arrivals, we weave together missing connections in the fabric of community. This intentional social integration reduces the impact of critical gaps in funding, responsibility and action that negatively impact community members including women, ethnic minorities and others.

Navigating Complexity

Jannus EO collaborates with individuals to foster stronger community ties and minimize the gaps that exist between public and private support systems.

Making Connections

We connect people to caring and compassionate individuals, groups and organizations with the passion to help them achieve.

Creating Opportunities

We sustain individual and community efforts to increase opportunities for personal improvement and positive social change.

to Succeed


We understand the symbiotic relationship between confidence and independence. We believe that the confidence we help individuals achieve empowers them to seek out and secure new opportunities in life. The success stories we have helped write are based on the parallel development of skills and attitudes. Our vision is that, over time, our clients are enriched, connected and confident enough to succeed without us.
When individuals gain the economic survival skills and support they have previously lacked, they gain more than just information. They gain power and confidence that drives them to act on their own behalf and succeed in ways that impact the entire community.

At Jannus EO, we use our relationships, processes and other resources to create this impact. Best of all, it can be felt and measured across the communities we serve – whether you measure it in spreadsheets or the quality of lives transformed. And this success compels us to strive to enrich more lives and create more lasting and positive social change.

Supporting Dreams

We empower lives so that personal confidence can compel people to strive for and achieve new standards of living for themselves and those who depend on them.


Stabilizing Communities

Jannus EO enables families and other groups to break cycles of dependence and poverty in order to more fully participate in and contribute to their communities.

Lasting Impact

We enrich communities by creating lasting impact and an overall betterment of social and economic conditions.

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